Every day planning for people in need of cognitive support

How it works


An organization, school or municipality buys licenses from Wellbee.

A super admin distributes the licenses to planners who creates groups for the users.

A planner can work with several different users at the same time.

Users can achieve more independence through user friendly lists and events in the calendar.

Security is created through simple communication via video calls and chat.

You can invite family and friends to the group that is planning for the user.

User friendly

For everybody with cognitive challenges

Feeling of Security

All support in a dynamic app


Plan activities and make lists


Two click video calls and easy messaging




Activity planning

Shopping lists

Media library with pictograms

Simplified contacts

Color coordination

Clothes according to weather

QR reader

Video calls

Photo diary


Log book

Wellbee manual

Wellbee - simple app manual

You can get a free trial of Wellbee for 30 days! Read more on our prices here:

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In the app, the user can access the functionality added by the planner. All parts can be adjusted in different ways to suit each individual user, by e.g. audio, image / video and color codes.

Wellbee App Preview - Start page with functions where the planner can adjust for each individual userWellbee App Preview - Wellbee logotype displayed when the app is starting upWellbee App Preview - Functionality clothes after weather shows what the user can wear based on weather. Can also adjust and add personal images.
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Our team

Toste Junestrand

Toste JunestrandCEO - Founder

Emma Wegelid

Emma WegelidProject manager

Jessica Banefelt

Jessica BanefeltDesigner

Angelisa Marzotto

Angelisa MarzottoWellbee Italy

Ishani Dolawatta

Ishani DolawattaDeveloper

Kithma Marindagoda

Kithma MarindagodaDeveloper

Jessica Larsson

Jessica LarssonArchitect / developer


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