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Are you representing a school, municipality or company that wants to participate and improve Wellbee for an international launch?

We are offering 10 licenses for six months for the discounted price of 500 Euro.

We will create a closed Facebook forum in which we work together, discuss and improve Wellbee. You will also get the opportunity to help one another and assist us in product priorities.

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License prices

10 users

115 euro per month

100 users

750 euro per month

1 user

15 euro per month

(available autumn 2019)

Note that every user can have up to 5 planners. These will not cause any extra costs.

Our team

Carolina Hornö

Carolina Hornö Designer

Jessica Larsson

Jessica Larsson Architect / developer

Linn Gaulitz

Linn Gaulitz Sales

Maja Jonsson

Maja Jonsson Business developer

Mikaela Koller

Mikaela Koller UX / developer

Toste Junestrand

Toste Junestrand Founder